Peppermint Oil

Control Spiders Using Peppermint Oil

Mix peppermint oil and water in equal proportions and then spray in home around the ants prone areas, and you'll notice within a day or two that ants have disappeared, and you shouldn't have them back at least for a week or two.

Spiders are common pests that for the most part are harmless. They are really good for gardens, but people don't like having them in their homes or on their patios. Because they know that the spiders are merely a nuisance, they search for natural spider repellent that will keep them at bay without causing harm to the spiders themselves. Since spiders love dust, they will start to build their webs in areas where there is dust, such as in a corner of the ceiling in a room. One method of effective spider control is to dust all areas of your home on a weekly basis, which means doing a sweep of the ceilings and the light fixtures.

You will find a lot of spiders on the railings of your porch or patio during the warm summer months. One of the natural repellents for spiders that has been used for decades is the lowly osage hedgeball. It grows on the hedgeapple tree and many supermarkets have them in the produce section as insect repellents for the home. You can place them in cupboards or outdoors without having to lay them in a dish or container. As they age they do not leave any residue or odor and are safe for children and pets because they are not poisonous.

Another natural way of doing spider control in and around your home is to mix vinegar and coconut oil and spray the area. There is also a recipe you can use to create the perfect natural repellent for spiders if they are posing a problem for you. The ingredients are:

1 quart of water
5 tablespoons of liquid natural soap
1 ounce of neem oil
A few drops of either lavender or tea tree oil

Mix all these ingredients together in a spray bottle and spray the area where you have spiders. This will not harm the spiders at all and will drive them away. This is because spiders have sensors in their legs and they do not stay in an area treated with this mixture. No one really knows why, but obviously they do not like the taste or the smell.

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